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moi (hello)

bringing you finnish foraging in a pouch! our wild nordic super berries come from unpolluted nordic forests that for hundreds of years have provided the finns shelter from too much talk. call them 'super', but like their pickers, our berries get quietly on with what they do best - bringing benefits to your health. just a teaspoon of our 100% natural, healthy and nutritious berry powders and a tablespoon of our delicious dried super berries offer the same vitamins and minerals as a handful of fresh berries. they're also an excellent source of fibre and antioxidants. this is why our top notch berry powders and dried berries are an excellent addition to your smoothie, yoghurt or cereal. the choice is yours. berrific!



super antioxidant
highly concentrated. 100% pure and natural. no sugar, no additives, no badness
100% pure, natural nutritious with a touch of sugar to enhance the berry flavours
dipped in delicious dark or milkchocolate, still the same super powers;perfect for the occasional treat


our hero berries:



the lingonberry
  • a 'new' tangy nordic superberry
  • the fat & free radical fighter 
  • contains proanthocyanidins, a powerful antioxidant 


the bilberry
  • blueberry's wild cousin 
  • the antioxidant powerhouse  
  • many times more nutrients than industrially grown blueberries