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about us

moi! (hello)

we’re finnberry. we’re young and we’re from finland!

we’re also wild about nordic super berries. 

we love berries and that’s why we exist. our appetite for delicious berries comes from our finnish heritage, in the form of finnberry founder, Anne, a UK veteran & finland expat. i started bringing biokia range of berry products into the UK and selling them on amazon after running out of my frozen supplies (lovingly handpicked by my mum back in finland). what started as a healthy wisdom passed down generations in finland has now become a business, with finnberry supplying the foodie, health conscious folk of the british isles with a pure, natural and nutritious range of berry products. from biokia finnberry has taken a step into own brand packaging and in the end of 2015 we launched our own 100g packaging. we can't wait to get it into stores near you! 

anne-maria picking wild berries

in my childhood i spent hours in deep, pathless forests, eating handfuls of berries whilst waiting for my parents to fill their baskets with enough fruit to store away for the winter. seriously. that’s what the northernmost europeans get up to when it’s the berry picking season. crazy, eh? well it’s not so crazy when you consider that we’ve known about the benefits of nordic berries long before they became widely acknowledged as super foods. that’s why we’ve been enjoying berries for breakfast, lunch and dinner in finnish homes for yonks.

now, nearly 40 years later i'm enjoying a busy lifestyle; juggling work commitments (and berries), a young family, lunch time runs and dreaming of foreign travels. nordic super berries are a staple in my (and my family’s!) healthy diet. a diet that is not strictly vegan or vegetarian but wholesome, natural and real. we encourage our customers to be healthy and our recipes will be focusing on vegetarian, vegan and raw foods but we believe that adding our wonderfully nutritious wild nordic super berries into your diet is everyone's privilige regardless of dietary regime.    

finnberry is the exclusive distributor of the biokia berry range in the uk. we offer a selection of natural wild lingonberry, bilberry, sea buckthorn and cranberry products through the finnberry uk online store and selected retailers.

our vision is to introduce these delicious wild super berries to the uk market and take the market by storm! we can’t live without them and once you’ve tried them and enjoyed the benefits… neither will you.

Anne x


in addition to our finnberry range of berry powders and dried berries we distribute biokia. biokia is an established brand in our native finland and our products can be found in supermarkets and health food shops across the country. we’re very excited about finnberry bringing these delicious, nutritious products to the uk.

all our bilberries and lingonberries are carefully handpicked from clean, unpolluted forests close to the arctic circle. the harsh, arctic winters and the midnight sun during the warm, intense summers create the perfect conditions that give finnish super berries their unique taste and incredible health benefits. a finnish folk legend tells of a young virgin who becomes pregnant from eating a cheeky lingonberry. we believe our handpicked delights are still as irresistible. but we can’t guarantee the consequences!

the sea buckthorn and cranberries for our cranberry powder are also grown wild in the baltic area and the dried cranberries we source from north america that has a long history of cranberry production.

our biokia range of berries are premium products sourced from a responsible finnish manufacturer, kiantama. founded in 1973 to pick, process and supply wild berries to the food production industry, the launch of the biokia brand followed a decade ago, bringing berries to supermarkets shelves and kitchen cupboards across the country.

biokia brand mission - purity, wholesomeness, fairness, reliability and closeness to nature.

the manufacturer

all our products are supplied from an established finnish manufacturer. the focus of the manufacturer has always been the same: to source a high quality, raw product and preserve the nutritional value, natural taste and colour in the finished product.

our supplier is committed to developing and improving their production processes and products, always with customers satisfaction in mind. they're kosher and halal certified and has been a registered producer of organic products since 1999.

being safe

all of our lovely berries undergo meticulous quality control processes, and we carry out the production in accordance with the certified Food Safety Management System ISO 22000.

being responsible

at finnberry we care about how businesses operate and social responsibility is important to us.

our manufacturer operates in an ethical and transparent way according to the guidance provided by the ISO 26000 standard. their social responsibility is a comprehensive philosophy which ensures continuity of operations and sustainable development, contributing to the health and welfare of society.