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healthified sweet fettuccine with lingonberry

healthified sweet fettucine with lingonberry

Not so naughty but oh sooo nice! This fettuccine recipe created by Italian Valeria from Turin (her beautiful blog is great for brushing up your Italian!) is a type of pasta, a flat thick noodle made of egg and flour, wider than but similar to the tagliatelle. Served with a berrilicious sauce with lingonberry.


  • 150g egg white

  • 30g banana

  • 25g plain yogurt

  • 1 tsp carob

for sauce:

  • 4 strawberries

  • 50g natural yogurt

  • 2 tsp of lingonberry powder

for garnish:

  • desiccated coconut

  • kiwi (or fruit of your choice)

  • dried bilberries for extra antioxidant boost

blend all the ingredients and make thin pancakes until you run out of batter. then cut your pancakes into fettuccine strips (see pic) and set aside.

for the sauce blend strawberries with yogurt and lingonberry powder and drizzle the delicious sauce over your fettuccine. top with desiccated coconut, dried bilberries and cut kiwi (or other fruit) into slices to create two oval shapes - it’s like ‘basil’ from the original fettuccine recipe.