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lingonberry and bilberry ‘ice cream’

lingonberry and bilberry ice cream

There are only four ingredients to this ice cream yet it has an enormous depth of flavour and the colour is just beautiful. recipe by nourishing jessica.


ice cream

  • x frozen bananas (peel, chop into chunks before freezing overnight)

  • 1 tsp lingonberry powder

  • 1 tsp bilberry powder

  • dash of almond milk (to get the blender moving)


  • pistachios

  • coconut rawnola (dates, coconut and oats blitz in a blender)

  • bee pollen

combine everything in a blender (you will need a high speed blender in order to get an ice cream consistency – if yours isn’t, then just thaw out the bananas for about 15 minutes before putting them in your blender to avoid it breaking). scoop in a bowl and top with your favourites! yum!